Investment in Georgia 2018

Investment in Georgia 

Investment in Georgia can be very profitable if it’s done right. Channel Georgia is a leading consultancy firm in Georgia which offers wide range of consultancy services for investors to Georgia.

What are advantages of investing in Georgia?

  1. GDP Growth – “GDP Growth in Georgia is over 4% every year.” It’s forecasted to be 4.5 and 4.8 respectively for 2018-2019 years;
  1. Easiness of doing business – Georgia is the 9th, among 190 countries according to the World Bank data of Ease of Doing Business.”;
  1. Georgia has open economy – Georgia is an open economy, and it positions itself in the 16th place out of 180 countries in the Index of Economic Freedom 2018.”
  1. Corruption level of Georgia – According to Transparency International: “Georgia is an uncorrupted country where you can invest freely.”
  1. Low taxes – Georgia is one of the lowest tax burdens among countries around the world
  1. Cross-border cooperation – There are various free trade agreements with the EU, CIS, Turkey, and China.
  1. Strategic location – Georgia is located on the legendary Silk Road. Central Asia connects to Europe through the Caucasus. This is the shortest road to transport goods and products.
  1. Best destination for tourists – Georgia is a booming tourist destination; more and more people visit this beautiful country each year. For business, this is a major opportunity to invest in various tourist-related spheres of business.
  1. The human resources of Georgia – Potential staff in Georgia is relatively cheaper.

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